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Recreational Diving Courses

Open Water Diver Course Become a Certified SCUBA Diver today – take your PADI/SSI Open Water course in Houston, Texas ... Find Out More

Scuba Skills Update (Refresher... It is easy for dive skills to get rusty and to lose confidence when you have not dived for a while. ... Find Out More

Advanced Adventurer Advanced Adventurer allows Open Water Divers to dive to 100 feet with a buddy who has an equal or hi... Find Out More

Advanced Open Water Course PADI advanced open water As an PADI Open Water Diver, you are limited to 60 feet. Find Out More

Enriched Air Diver SCUBA Divers can extend their bottom time by using Enriched Air/NITROX and this is especially useful... Find Out More

Mares Horizon – Recreational... After millions of dollars and years of development, a revolutionary approach to a recreational rebre... Find Out More

SSI Stress & Rescue The SSI Diver Stress and Rescue specialty program teaches you the skills you need to protect yoursel... Find Out More

Rescue Diver Course Rescue Diver Course This rescue course is one of the most challenging that SSI or PADI have to of... Find Out More

React Right - First Aid & CPR React Right - First Aid & CPR   React Right is SSI’s emergency first response c... Find Out More

Emergency First Responder EFR Emergency First Response- EFR: This objective of this course is to build confidence. Find Out More

Snorkel Diver The SSI Snorkel Diver program is the first step towards discovering your inner mermaid. It is the be... Find Out More

Equipment Techniques Choosing and buying your dive equipment is one of the biggest and most important investments you wil... Find Out More

Waves, Tides and Currents Diving in currents opens up a world of new dive sites that often host the most spectacular marine li... Find Out More

Science Of Diving Join the SSI Science of Diving specialty and you will develop a complete understanding of the underw... Find Out More

Perfect Buoyancy The SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty is the best way to improve your buoyancy and get the most from ev... Find Out More

Photo & Video Underwater photography has some challenges not found on land, but with the SSI Photo & Video spe... Find Out More

Full Face Mask Diving This program includes the learning, practicing, and mastering the fundamental Full Face Mask skills ... Find Out More

Boat Diving The ocean is filled with dive sites, but many of the best ones can only be accessed by boat. If you ... Find Out More

Navigation In this specialty program, you will gain the advanced skills and knowledge you need to safely and co... Find Out More

Night & Limited Visibility Night diving requires different skills from diving during the day. The SSI Night Diving and Limited ... Find Out More

Deep Diving Are you ready to become a deep diver and explore deeper wrecks, coral-encrusted walls, reefs and mor... Find Out More

Search & Recovery In this fascinating program, you will learn all the skills you need to safely and confidently conduc... Find Out More

Wreck Diving Many of the ocean’s best dive sites are wrecks. These impressive structures attract unusually ... Find Out More

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Divin... If you want to make the most of your bottom time and have more fun on your dives, try underwater sco... Find Out More

Drysuit Diving Drysuit diving opens up a world of opportunities, including diving remote Arctic destinations and ex... Find Out More

Recreational Sidemount Diving The SSI Recreational Sidemount diving course is a great introductory course to provide students... Find Out More

Independent Diving Although diving is usually always done with a partner on the buddy team, there may be reasons experi... Find Out More

Decompression Diving The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty will teach you how to dive beyond the no-decompression limits... Find Out More

Fish Identification The world’s oceans are home to thousands of fish species, and you will encounter plenty of the... Find Out More

Coral Identification Coral reefs are prized among divers and rightly so; drifting over a healthy reef filled with bustlin... Find Out More

Marine Ecology In the SSI Marine Ecology specialty program, you will learn how ocean organisms interact with each o... Find Out More

Shark Ecology In the SSI Shark Ecology program, you will learn how to interpret shark behaviours, why they are oft... Find Out More

Sea Turtle Ecology Sea turtles are some of the most wonderful animals to dive with. You will want to dive with them eve... Find Out More

Manta and Ray Ecology Join the SSI Manta and Ray Ecology specialty program and you will learn how to dive with rays and re... Find Out More

Marine Mammal Ecology Join the SSI Marine Mammal Ecology specialty program and you will learn how to dive with marine... Find Out More

Gas Blender Correctly mixing gasses is essential to being able to breathe safely underwater. The SSI Gas Blender... Find Out More