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  • Mares Horizon – Recreational Rebreather!

Mares Horizon – Recreational Rebreather!

After millions of dollars and years of development, a revolutionary approach to a recreational rebreather has arrived.

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The Mares Horizon is a Semi-Closed Rebreather that uses both active Semi-Closed technology and electronic Semi-Closed technology. The Horizon is probably the easiest rebreather to set up on the market -it’s just “plug and dive”. No tools are required, the harness can be fully adjusted, Nitrox cylinder(s) can be easily obtained, and pre-packed scrubber cartridges are NOT required.

EXTENDED DIVE TIME: Can you imagine spending 5-8 times longer underwater compared to open circuit diving? Thanks to extremely low gas consumption in a semi-closed rebreather, your SAC rate is no longer a limiting factor!
It’s a matter of simple physics and logistics…
LIGHTWEIGHT PRACTICALITY: The Horizon unit and regulators should fit in a single suitcase, weighing less than 23kg (approx. 50 lbs) in total – the standard checked baggage allowance for many airlines.
EXCEPTIONAL FAIL SAFE FEATURES: Mares Horizon has triple redundant electronics and redundant batteries. Moreover, the Horizon supplies a continuous nitrox flow of 30l/min. If there is an electronics failure, you can easily bail out to open circuit to a known breathing gas. The gas mix can be changed during the dive (using the controller) to extend dive time or decrease your decompression obligation. The Horizon dive computer will warn the diver if they try to switch to or use an inappropriate breathing gas mix.
EASE OF USE: The shape of the Horizon unit provides the ideal, horizontal trim, The combination of warm air and improved dive position makes breathing natural and effortless, The specially contoured, ergonomic unit includes a soft backplate, lumbar support, buttplate, and padded harness straps.


  • This unit uses the ZH-L16C Bühlmann algorithm with gradient factors, programmable bottom gas, and decompression gas.
  • Within its operational limits (132 feet /40 meters) the unit provides decompression obligations similar to a closed-circuit rebreather.
  • You can be trained for recreational dives up to 132 feet /40 meters.
  • You can also be trained for TEC dives that include staged decompression.
  • Mares Horizon offers an intelligent Dual Scrubber System as well as two tank gas diving for accelerated decompression.


  • 24 dives
  • Nitrox Certification
  • Deep
  • Stress and Rescue (recommended)

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