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  • Intro To Tec (Sidemount or Backmount)

Intro To Tec (Sidemount or Backmount)


This Specialty Continuing Education Diver Program is designed to enable the certified diver to extend proficiency in the water and get divers comfortable in backmount doubles configuration OR sidmount configuration. This is the first class to technical diving and is a prep course for Advanced Nitrox and Intro to Cavern/Cave.

In this course students will learn the following:

  • Development of buoyancy, trim, balance, and propulsion
  • Refine and expand fundamental diving skills
  • Equipment Streamlining and configuration
  • Diving safety, situational awareness, and accident prevention
  • Enhanced Dive planning and gas management
  • Decompression overview and minimum decompression procedures

This program is designed for divers who wish to increase their skill competency by
further developing their diving skills to be safer, more comfortable, and more efficient
in the water while expanding the divers basic diving skills to take more advanced
recreational and/or technical diving programs.

*Those that are interested in diving dry, as this is the standard in technical diving, can add-
on the Drysuit Specialty to this course.

Course Outline:
Day 1: Classroom and Gear Review in Doubles or Sidemount Configuration
 Day 2 Confined Water Skills; 3: Open Water Skills Dives
*Course completion is based on performance. Additional days may need to be added based
on comfortably, understanding and mastery of skills. Course fee includes three days of class.
Supplementary days are an additional cost.

Required Gear:

  •  Backplate and Harness (no quick releases, must be one continuous webbing)
  •  40# or 60# Wing – Single Bladder or Dual
  •  Two DIN first stages
  •  Two second stages
  •  One 7’ LP rubber hose
  •  One 24” LP rubber hose
  •  Necklace
  •  One 24-26” HP rubber hose & tempered glass analog SPG
  •  One 22-24” LP rubber inflator hose
  •  Two masks
  •  One safety marker buoy
  •  One 100’ spool
  •  Three medium stainless steel double enders
  •  One small stainless steel double ender
  •  Two medium stainless steel swivel bolt snaps
  •  Wet Notes
  •  Two lights
  •  Wetsuits with both right and left pockets OR tec shorts
  •  Recommended: Scubapro Jet Fins or something similar
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