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  • Extended Range

Extended Range

The SSI Extended Range training program is the core program that all other open-circuit programs build on. This program is the start of your exciting journey to become an accomplished tech diver. Using either a sidemount or twinset configuration, this program prepares you to plan and conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters. You will learn the techniques and procedures for using extended range breathing gases and nitrox mixtures of up to 100% oxygen for decompression. You will earn the SSI Extended Range diver certification after completing this program and gain new tech diver knowledge.

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Course includes digital learning materials and digital certification card.

Course fee does not include breathing gas fills.  

Course fee does not include dive site access fee, which is paid directly to the dive operator at the lake.

Please note that all students must own their extended range total diving system. All dive equipment must be dive quality.  If needed, these items may be purchased from Gulf Coast Scuba.

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